Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

changes! and my birthday!

From today on, my blog will be in English. I want to reach more people from all over the world as I already have readers from UK, the USA and other countries besides Germany.

It was my birthday on Monday and it started with a visit from my mother at 8 am. She brought me some lovely flowers and a vegan chocolate cake which was pretty good.

I went to work, got some more lovely flowers and lots of yummy chocolate.

After work I went shopping with my mum, we went to Primark on Schloßstraße. I bought a berry-coloured cardigan, a black knitted jumper, a pyjama and three boxes of false nails (Primark's are the best and they're only 1.50 €!).

The pyjama has flannel trousers with owls all over it and a  red shirt witha big owl on it, so cute!

We had dinner at one of our most favourite restaurants, I had the best fries ever and a salad.

Yesterday I met a friend and we went shopping again. I bought the most awesome shoes eeeeeever!! They make my feet look weird but I don't mind, they totally make me feel like Robyn! BTW they're called Gaga, get why??

Got me a patterned dressed with pleather sleeves and a zipper in the back.

Today I will bake a vegan apple pie and a vegan coconut cake for my co-workers tomorrow. I will upload a post about how they turned out the next days!


  1. Laura ist unter die Blogger gegangen. Find ich toll!

    Schau jetzt öfter mal vorbei!

    Und alles Liebe nachträglich wünsch ich dir... Hört sich an, als hättest du nen guten Tag gehabt.

    Liebe Grüße, Laura

  2. Love the boots, I want some of those for myself!! My mom always buys me jammies for my birthday too. :-D The owl is adorable and that dress looks amazing! And I really need that cake now. Looks like a wonderful birthday! :-)

    1. Thank you! The boots are Vagabond's, do you find that brand in Belgium? :)

    2. Sadly, no :-( I think I should be able to find some similar boots though. I love the way they give you height and some elegance but they're totally comfortable to stand and walk in. Platforms for ever! :-D

    3. I'm totally obsessed with them, they go with everything!!