Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

i won: organic cosmetics set

A few weeks ago, my mother and I went to a drug store to buy some things. At the store was a table promoting their own organic cosmetics line "alverde". We had the chance to win a gift set of their marigold line by simply filling out a card that asked "what's the botanic name of marigold?". So I filled it out (calendula) and forgot about it.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail that I won! I cannot remember that I actually won something before and I was really excited what the set would contain. I thought about two or three samples of their marigold face products. So I went to the store to pick up my prize and got a bag full of stuff! I only peeked in it when I was going home and boy, I really liked what I saw: full sized products, whoop!

And here is what I won:

I got five full sized products from their marigold line, all without artificial scents, colouring, preservatives or mineral oil.

face wash, eye make up remover, face scrub, lip balm, hand creme 
 The lip balm and the hand creme are two products that I always use in winter when my lips and hands tend to get chapped so I'm glad these were in the bag. I haven't used the scrub or the face wash before but I'm always in for some good face scrubbing/cleaning. I'm not sure about the eye remover though as my eyes are super sensitive and they even get red and start to tear when I use eye removal pads for extra sensitive skin. But I'll definetely try it out.

These samples were also in the bag:

face creme, foot creme, hand creme (all for extremely dry skin)
lifting face masks, body lotion, deodorant

And they even put some accessories in the bag!

Nivea beauté eyebrow brush, Max Factor pocket mirror, Olaz pocket book

I'm really pleased with what I got. I didn't expect it to be full sizes and accessories and I am determined to try everything out.

And now for something rather random: When I got out of the shop, I saw some Turkish people celebrating a wedding right on the street causing a traffic jam! They were all singing along, super happy and didn't care that some busses and cars behind them tried to honk them out of the way.

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