Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

look what i made: ombre nails

I know I'm late but I finally tried out the ombre look! I wish I had super healthy and smooth hair, then I would totally ombre dye my hair. Well, fact is my hair is deader than dead. It's dry and not shiny at all and I guess it will just fall out if I dye it again. 

So I went for the ombre nail look. I watched a tutorial on youtube months ago and figured I needn'd to rewatch it as my memory is awesome. Guess what: it's not! I messed the whole thing up and ended up having lots of nail polish stains on my hands and my duvet (note to self: don't do your nails on your bed). Please don't ask me what I actually did, I don't now. So I checked youtube again and I was like "oooh THAT is what I'm supposed to do!" Lemme tell you folks, it's as easy as pie!!

You need two or three different nail polishes, a clear coat, a make up sponge or a normal sponge and your nails. Go to youtube for nail ombre turorials, it's always easier if you have pictures to desribe.

can you tell my nails are fake!?
And this is the finished result! I'm super happy with it. It's an easy and quick yet stylish nail art!

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  1. Lookin' good! I love ombre nails too, it's easy and more unique than just slappin' on one color. And it's kind of fun to do! It looks really nice and I love purple! <3