Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

my experience with fake nails

A few months ago, I started wearing fake nails on a daily basis. My own nails don't grow long, they splinter and break very easily and I always have to cut them when they reached my desired length. I love wearing nail polish and want it to look good but that is just not possible with my natural nails.
I decided to try out fake nails but didn't want to spend too much on them. So I tried out ones you simply glue to your nail. I've tried three different brands so far and want to share my experiences.

Primark French Nails (24 nails in different sizes, 1,50 €)
I don't like how they look as I find the white tips are too big. I glued the nails to my own, filed them to the lenghts I wanted and painted them. You need to paint the nails three times or otherwise the white will show through. The glue is ok and the nails are well shaped, they fit perfectly. There is no way to complain about these regarding one package contains 24 nails and they only cost 1,50 €! They offer many different styles of the nails (all red, black with white dots, leopard pattern...) but I do not fancy those.

claire's Fake Nails (100 nails in different sizes, 10 €)
I thought I was making a bargain when I bought these nails. They looked good, not too long and for that price I couldn't say no. Now I know I better should have! The nails have a weird shape, they aren't curvy but rather angularly. They do not fit at all to my nails and when I try to glue them on, air gets trapped under the fake nail. That way they do not stick to my nails as long as they're supposed to be. I wore them twice and almost every nail fall off after one day. I surely won't buy them again!

Fing'rs Smart Nails (28 Nails in different sizes, about 6 €)
These were by far the best nails but also the most expensive nails I tried. They fit like a glove! I thought I could use all of the nails but only ten fit exactly and the other 18 didn't so that was a bummer. The glue was the best I've tried and you can even get it seperately. I think it's quite expensive but it's worth the money!

My nails really suffered under all of the false nails. When I took them off they even took off layers of my natural nails. Now they're even thinner and look horrible. I have to wear them super short or otherwise they split when I'm only looking at them. I guess now I'm in a doom loop of which I will never come out. Because one thing is sure: I will totally wear fake nails again once my naturals recover!

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the nails. I was just too excited to try them out and forgot to take some. Next time!

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  1. Imma definitely try out some fake nails too. I've been able to keep my nails long for quite a while now but they're getting sick of it. They're splitting and de-layering (:-D) like there's no tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!