Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

sunday walk: lovely berlin

Yesterday was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and it was really warm considering that it is already October. I decided to go for a walk and show you how beautiful Berlin is. I didn't realise how awesome Berlin was until I moved to another city a few years ago.
Yes, Berlin is full of tourists and often unfriendly people, lots of cars and dirt BUT you never want to miss that again when you experienced living in a rather empty sleepy town in Bavaria.

I live in an area called Moabit which actually is an island, it's completely surrounded by water. As you may have guessed now, I live directly by the river Spree. I just get out of my house, cross the street and there it is! I love how central Moabit is, it only takes a 30-minute walk or less and I'm in the government district, at the central station, the shopping streets or at other sights.

Follow me as I'm walking alongside the river from my house to the central station. (Oh and be prepared for a touristy picture overload.)

Hello fall!
Just stepping out of my house, and here I am, watching swans!
Federal Ministry of the Interior
Part of the Berlin Wall
Chillaxing at the river (yes, I really use that word, duh!)
Bellevue Palace. This is where the President of Germany resides.
SUN! And the Victory Column peeking through the trees.
Colour changing at its best!
German Chancellery
I love that building! Although it's really big and made of concrete, it appears very light. Berliners call it "washing machine" because from the other side it looks like... well, like a washing machine! A big cube with a big hole in it.

Oh hello, TV Tower!
A friend once asked me whether these pink things were art. No, they're water pipes. Berlin is full of building sites and the water has to go somewhere when you're digging deep in the ground, right!? That's why Berlin is also packed with overground pink water pipes.

Berlin Central Station
Aaand that's it! I arrived the central station craving for a Starbuck's Coffee Frappuccino. I hadn't enough money with me so I wanted to pay by card. Well, their card reader was broken so I got my Frappuccino for FREE! Couldn't be happier!

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  1. Ooh wow, wonderful pictures! I love that part of the Berlin wall. And I totally use the word chillax too!