Freitag, 9. November 2012

apartment makeover before/after

I've been living in my one-room apartment for three years now and been dreaming about moving for a while, so I decided that now I have a job it is time to get a bigger place.

First, a friend and I thought about moving in together but she decided to stay in Hamburg where she studies and works. I looked for places literally everywhere and guess what? I found nothing! I mean, yes I have expectations. I'm 26 and if I move now I won't move for another five to seven years. I need a kitchen (I have none, you'll see in the pics) where I can welcome my friends, I want a balcony as I want to grow my own vegetables and fruits AND I NEED a bath tub. But everything I like and which is in the area in Berlin I want to live in is way too expensive or too small and fugly. The conclusion: Instead of moving I will pimp my place big time! Now it's mostly white because a few years ago I thought when I grow up my place needs to look like one of those places they show in glossy magazines. I'm done with white. It's just not me, I need colours! So colours will come!

I'd love to show you pics of my place right now but it's way too chaotic and since I'll babysit tonight I won't be able to clean up and take some pictures before tomorrow. I promise I'll upload pics tomorrow of the before state of my place!

Now I need to check cause I'll defo go there some time soon!

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