Samstag, 10. November 2012

apartment makeover part 1: chair

I bought that chair when I moved into my flat a few years ago. Since I don't have a dining table and I usually sit on my couch, I put clothes on it or my cat sleeps on it. I think it's the cheapest wooden chair you can get at Ikea, it's about 15 euros.

Now that I've decided to spice things up a little, it was about time this chair got a paint. 


I came up with the idea to paint the chair blue when I decided to dye my couch in a similar colour (not telling which, just making things a little more exciting) and I'm so glad I did because that colour is awesome! Painting the chair was as easy as pie, it only took me 'bout 20 minutes. I used a water-based paint which vapours aren't harmful to you when you inhale them. Only disadvantage is that the paint will come off in a few years (at least that is what the man said at the diy-store) but who knows what will be by then.

Stay tuned for more fun projects!

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