Sonntag, 11. November 2012

apartment makeover part 2: kitchen shelf

I don't have a proper kitchen. That means I don't have an extra room that I call kitchen. My room is shaped like an L and that tiny thing i call "the place where I can cook" is the shorter end of the L. Some may call it an open kitchen. Lemme tell you folks, it's not an open kitchen, it's not a closed kitchen. It's just a tiny space in my room that happens to have a fridge and two hotplates, nothing more.

With no proper kitchen, it's no wonder that I don't have an oven. Imagine that, not to have an oven! Not to be able to bake yummy cakes every day! Not to make pizza or lasagnas! But oh well, I accepted that. I do not like to cook, I might even say I don't know how to do it and I'm not interested in doing/learning it. What I love to do is baking! I can't resist a cake and everything with melted cheese on top is heaven. Yeah for melted cheese!

My "kitchen" is not a space I like to spend time in and I've never really spent any time to think about how I could make the space look nice. It looked like this for quite some time:

The cheapest IKEA shelf I could find, messy and chaotic as hell. (Never mind the bags, I was just cleaning). It didn't have any structure to it or personality. Sooo, like I decided to paint my chair, I also decided to paint that shelf! I chose the best colour ever:

What can I say? I'm in love! The yellow brightens that little space up like nothing else and I'm super happy with my decision. Since I only painted it this afternoon and it needs to dry for one day, I won't be able to put things back into it before tomorrow evening. I'll take pics of the finished shelf then.

I cannot help it but I feel more and more like Pippi Longstocking in her Villa Villekulla!

Next thing up is my dyed couch cover, be prepared for more fun colours!

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