Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

christmas bazaar and my awesome advent calendar!

Firtly: Last friday my mom, a friend of my mom and I sold some diy-stuff we made. The bazaar was at a sports club nearby and lots of people we know came.
For the bazaar I chrocheted loads of colourful beanies, my mom and I made key racks using napkin decoupage and her friend made wooden coasters to put hot pans and pots on and stars out of willow branches. It was a lovely afternoon, we all made some money to spend on chistmas gifts (nah, I already got me a new pair of boots but I might return them) and met nice people.

ma beanies. ma key racks.
our stand. look at those stars!!
Bummer of the day: I really thought neon colours would be a total win, well it wasn't. People seemed to be a bit put off because of the colours and only bought what I think were boring beanies with only one colour or two earth toned ones. So if anyone is interested in a bright fun beanie, please contact me! I will upload pics of the beanies tomorrow.

Aaaand to the second point: I won something again! This time it's an advent calender from p2, a German make up brand. It consists of 24 house-shaped boxes and every box contains a make product, so in the end I will be having 24 awesome make up products, whooop!

cute eh?
The first two boxes had purple-ish metallic eye shadow in it. I like eyeshadow but purple on the eyes makes me look beaten up so I'm thinking of giving these away. Yesterday I got a BB cream which I really liked and today it had a golden nail polish in it, so yeah for those! Follow me on instagram #thequeendrinkscoffee and you'll see what I got every day!

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  1. Well I LIKE purple eyeshadow *hint hint* :-D And I also love your beanies by the way, the bright colors really brighten up these cold and dark winter days. The key racks are adorable too.