Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

look what i made: diy printed cushion covers + tutorial

After painting my chair and my kitchen shelf, I wanted to spice things up a little bit more. I still haven't dyed my couch cover because my mother's washing machine broke, I don't have one and I'm too scared to dye it in my bath tub and to ruin everything, the cover and the tub. So I'm still having a boring white couch BUT I have fun cushion covers!

All you need is (except for love!! Muah, see what I did there??):

I used an old towel to protect my floor
  • white cushion covers (mine are from Ikea, I really liked the structure to it and they were only 6 euros each)
  • textile paint (you can get these paints for light and dark textiles, check the label)
  • a brush
  • selfmade stamps out of cardboard, potatoes, an old sponge...
  • a piece of cardboard in the size of your cushion
  • old newspapers or anything else that can get dirty
  1. Lay out the newspaper. You don't want your floor/table to get dirty from the paint.
  2. Put the cushion on the newspaper and put the cardboard inside the cushion. This is necessary because the paint might get through the one side of the cushion and stain the other.
  3. Now it's time to make your stamp: You can do this with potatoes, sponges... I used cardboard. I simply cut out the shape I wanted (triangles) and glued them on top of some more smaller sized cardboard pieces. I used these to hold the stamp to not get my hands too dirty.
  4. Time to stamp: Paint the stamp with your paint and press it down on the cushion. I first tried this on some left over cardboard to figure out how much pressure I needed to get the desired result. 

After the paint is dry (after 24hours) you need to iron the cushion inside out. This way the paint won't fade when you wash it.

Looking great huh? I like the imperfections of the pattern and that you can see the structure of the cushion and of the cardboard. This project was super easy and quickly done, it's perfect for a rainy sunday afternoon.

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