Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

quick announcement: new LE's!

This post might be most interesting for my German readers as it's about upcoming limited editions from two German make up brands. BUT I know for sure that you can order p2 products from amazon, so go check that out.
alverde black & red, in stores now!
I like the colours and all but I don't think it's worth a LE as it's just too simple. Only product that is um well crazy are the mascaras, red lashes!? Nothing wrong with sparkly silver lashes but red? Ah well I might try it out just because I'm that curious.
cream to powder rouge 3,95 €

lipsticks € 3,45

duo mascara € 3,95

p2 all you need is..., in stores tomorrow!
I got most of those products in my p2 advent calendar. I didn't like the dry + shine drops, it was like smearing oil all over my nails, yuck! Didn't seem to work either. I'm in love with the love & joy nail polishes, I'll get them all!

This LE also contains hand creams and gloves.

dry + shine drops € 1,95

glamorous finish top coat € 1,75

love & joy nail polish € 2,25
nail wax € 2,75

oil-free primer € 1,75

 p2 snow kissed, in stores january!
Again, love the nail polish colours, will get me some of them. The blush will be available in a peachy colour as well, which I really like, looks better on me than pink.

This LE also includes foundation, powder and more eyeliners.
crystal flake powder puff € 3,45

fresh glow loose blush €4,45

lipgloss € 2,75

happy winter lip balm € 2,65 (anyone interested in looking like dead!?)

ice & glam eyeshadow palette € 4,75

icy touch nail polish € 2,25

winter wonderland eyeliner € 2,75

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