Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

yummy stewed apples

Since I found out how easy to make and delicious stewed apples are, I practically made them every. single. day. It's the perfect warm desert for cold winter nights. I tastes good cold as well!

I took about nine or ten peeled apples, cut into pieces. Put your cut apples into a pot with some water ( just enough to cover the pot's ground), cinnamon, sugar and vanilla sugar. For my personal taste I like to add rasins but that's optional. I don't have a recipe I stick to, meaning I don't know the exact amount of the ingredients. I simply put everything in a pot and see how it'll turn out. Start by not using too much sugar/cinnamon/raisins, you can add more later.

Don't cook the apples, just let them simmer.

after 5 minutes of cooking
The longer you let your apples simmer, the softer they'll get. I like mine "al dente" so it takes about 10 minutes and they're ready tro serve! Super yummy as they are but even more delicious with vanilla sauce. Some of you may add vanilla ice cream if you like it (I don't. Did I mention I'm not a fan of ice cream?)

And here it is, the beauty of the night, freshly cooked and still warm:

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  1. Aaargh I looooooove stewed apples with cinnamon. But you can add some vanilla icecream for me, it's heaven <3 Gosh now I really need some of this, BRB! :-D