Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

my ONE new year's resolution!

Okay, so the new year is already 20 days and I finally made up my mind and figured out what my new year's resolution is. I've never really had resolutions for the new year, I'm one of those who think they couldn't make it anyway.

BUT this year my resolution is to grow out my natural hair colour and not to dye my hair at all! No semi-dye, no dye. The only thing I will allow myself to enhance the colour is camomile rinse in summer to make that blonde pop more. I've dyed my hair for the past 12 years or so and haven't seen my natural colour since them. And, as you can imagine, the condition of my hair is a total disaster.

My hair has been dark purple since September or so and I used colourB4 to get rid of that colour. ColourB4 is a hair dye remover which worked wonders for me! The colour of my hair is now what you may call my "natural colour". Even dark dyes contain hydrogen peroxide which lightens your hair. So my hair is now kinda orange. Actually, it's red-blonde... Well, orange.

So here's what I'll do with my hair for the next 11,5 months:
  • Don't dye it (obviously).
  • Don't try to blow dry too much and when you do only use middle heat.
  • Wear a knot on top of your hair during night. I sleep rather fitfully and have super split ends as well as split layers so I hope the top knot will prevent them from splitting more.
  • Only use baby shampoo and a good conditioner without silicones.
  • Don't use any silicones in your hair! Silicones lay around your hair so that it seems healthy and shiny. In fact, it keeps vitamins and nutrients to get into your hair, so it's bad. Badbadbad.
  • Once a week, spoil your hair with an oil mask. I use the Weleda hair oil. I put it in my hair (all of my hair, looks so gross!) at night, sleep with it and rinse it the next morning.
So far, I've done very good! My natural hair colour has grown in for some centimeters and I can see myself with a healthy, shiny, blonde lion's mane by the end of the year!

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