Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

the first week of 2013

First of all: Happy belated New Year! Hope you all had a nice NYE! I spent mine at my mother's place where I celebrated with her, her bf and my little sister. We made raclette (omznomznomz), danced in the living room, watched a bizillion people crowding in front of the Brandenburg Gate (on TV ha!) and went outside on the balcony to watch the rockets at midnight. It was amazing and I couldn't have wished for a more awesome NYE.

I can't believe the new year is already one week old. I've done so much in these few days: took a sewing class, tidied out my wardrobe and dresser, put all clothes that I don't want anymore/that don't fit anymore onto a German website called kleiderkreisel. It's similar to ebay except that it's not an auction but you give every piece a firm price. You can also trade things which I just did! Will show you what I got and I hope it fits!

I got me a camera, so excited! It's not a super awesome reflex camera, just a digicam but it'll do for my purposes of taking pics of my clothes, my outfits (yes, will start that!) or beauty products. I also bought a tripod, one you put on the table cause I was too cheap to buy a decent one and guess what? One leg is stuck so I cannot use it! I'm going to return it tomorrow and maybe I will invest some more money into a full-size one. Then I finally can start showing you my clothes haha!

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  1. Glad you had a great NYE and I can't wait to see outfitpictures! Hope you clear out the tripod troubles!